Why must we Fundraise?

IF we would like to play new music, have additional instruments, hire additional instructors, purchase band and color guard uniforms…these items are “above and beyond” what a normal school budget can tackle.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to help raise crucial funds for the Instrumental Music Department.

The Marina Band Booster Club is a 501(c)3, which means donations could be tax deductible. (Please consult your tax advisor for your particular situation.)

The gymnasium at Marina is quite large, which makes our site very desirable for hosting competitions during the second semester for drumline and winter guard events.  These days are long, but the profits are very substantial.  Parents and students are needed to help with these activities in a variety of ways.

Long standing traditions of selling See’s Candy with delivery prior to winter break and spring break are worth setting your calendar around.

Our Holiday Concert is a music filled evening accompanied by a Bake Sale and numerous Silent Auction Baskets which are available for bidding on throughout the evening.

SCRIP is a huge passive fundraiser for our program.  The SCRIP program allows us to purchase gift cards at a slight discount, and make them available for sale at face value.  A percentage of each card becomes profit for our treasury. We keep a stock on hand of many commonly used cards – gas, grocery stores, fast food – and reorder frequently.

Employer matching programs are available through many workplaces. Check with your company and see if that’s an option to you.

Fundraisers at local restaurants have always been strongly supported. Enjoying the company of other music families while you enjoy an evening out – win!

A “coin collection” contest is held among the students in the spring – large buckets are labeled and available for donating your left over change in the band room.

For the past six years, Memorial Day weekend has become a unique way to raise money.  Armed with plastic bags and trash pickers, we’re off to the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove to keep that area spotless.

At graduation, “senior mugs” are sold, listing every graduate from the current class.

We’ve even sold mattresses the past few years!

We’re always open to new ideas to raise funds – and prefer to NOT just ask our families to buy One. More. Thing.