Color Guard

The Marina Color Guard is open to all students, female and male.

The guard is part of the marching band and performs on the field at the football games, field competitions, and parades.


The Winter Color Guard competes alone from February through April in school gyms, to recorded music. They use various items such as flags, rifles, sabers, (and whatever other items they can spin and toss) in their shows. Preview some of the past Winter Guard competition shows on the video page.

Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC) Home Page


Clinics are held in the late spring for those interested in being a part of the guard. Students will learn basics and will become familiar with terminology and technique necessary for the upcoming season. Uniforms for the fall season are ordered as soon as school ends in June.

Additional instructors work with the guard and may call extra rehearsals outside of class time.  Students are expected to be at all rehearsals.